Packaging Solution

Our company has the resources to provide a free consultation on the most suitable and cost effective packaging solution that most suits our clients needs.

We offer a range of green and money saving solutions for various packaging needs, be it for liquids, powder & granular or temperature and humidity sensitive goods:


1.    Low cost

2.    Green and clean, preventing pollutant contamination

3.    Up to 40% more payload than drums, and considerably cheaper than iso-tanks 
(16,000 litres to 24,000 litres)

4.    Easy loading and discharge

5.    Decreased labour costs

Dry Bulk Liners
  1.Transporting free flowing dry bulk materials such as milk powder, spices, flour
     malt, etc.
  2.Non-hanzardous Bulk products in granular or powder: solid acids, PE/PP/PET resin,     pigments, fertilisers,etc.
  3. Low cost
  4. Green and clean, preventing pollutant contamination. 


1.    Provides up to 70% saving off refrigerated containers

2.    For goods that require some temperature and humidity control but do not need an exact 
painted temperature.

3.    Ideal for products such as chocolate, perfume, wine, guitars etc.

Line a whole container, or purchase just enough to cover an EUR pallet

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